Using Google Docs in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Lanauge

"As a language teacher and coordinator of MA modern Chinese language courses at Leiden University, I found myself caught in two undesirable situations which decreased teaching/learning efficiency in general:
1) There’s a gap between teachers and students. Teachers don’t know if the students are well prepared or they prepare in the way teachers expected. This situation degenerate class  
2) To ensure teaching/learning quality, I have to keep updated with the courses I do not teach but only coordinate. 
To improve these situations, I started using Google Docs during the second semester this year as before-class tasks in Speaking, Reading, and Writing courses respectively. And, it results in very positive outcome.
I would like to talk about:
How Google Docs is employed outside of language classroom setting?
How Google Docs facilitates learning efficiency and outcome?
How Google Docs increases teaching efficiency?
Using Google Docs to know students’ opinions better 
Feedback of using Google Docs as before-class tasks from students and teachers"